We know that visiting a new church can be scary sometimes, and you probably have a ton of questions before you even step foot through its doors. We totally get it.
That’s why we put together a list of some of our more frequently asked questions!

What should I wear?

Like most families, our church family has people who are formal and people who are informal. Whether you are wearing a suit or dress, or flip flops and shorts, you will find lots of people dressed just like you.

What is a service like?

We generally start with a few worship songs followed by announcements about what is going on at the church. We then have a Bible-based sermon.

What is the music like during a service?

The Man O War Church choir and band brings music that is encouraging and energetic, upbeat, and uplifting!

What do you have for my kids?

Man O War Kids meets during each service for ages 1 month to 5th grade. Man O War Kids learn about Jesus in interactive, fun and age-appropriate ways using a Bible-based curriculum. This curriculum walks kids through the entire Bible as one big story, showing how it all points to Jesus! Parents are also welcome to have their children in the church service.
Still have questions? Email info@manowarchurch.org