21 Day Fast & Pray

January 1 - January 22, 2023

Prayer times will be at the following times each week:
  • Monday, 7pm
  • Tuesday, 7pm
  • Wednesday, 6pm
  • Thursday, 7pm
  • Friday, 7pm
  • Saturday, 7pm
  • Sunday, 6pm
“Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?"
– Isaiah 58:6 ESV
About Fasting and Prayer
Fasting as normal Christian behavior was taught by Jesus (Mt. 6:16–17, 9:15), exercised by the early church (Acts 13:2), and practiced by believers throughout church history. The Bible does not encourage children to engage in fasting food (children wishing to participate could fast sweets, social media, cell phone use, etc.).
Fasting is voluntary. Even in a group fast, whether a person participates and in what way is entirely up to the individual. Those who participate in the fast should check with their personal physician. Every adult at Man O’ War Church is invited to participate each day of the 21-Day Fast and Pray. There are many ways to fast and pray but remember, long-term water-only fasts are rare, even in scripture. Unless God speaks to you clearly, you should do something much less aggressive.

For example
  • You could fast one meal each day for 21 Days.
  • You could choose to fast 24 hours each day - from dinner to dinner - eating just that one meal each day.
  • You could fast meats and pleasant foods, eating only vegetables and water, as in Daniel’s fast.
  • You could fast by eating only10 ounces of Ezekiel’s bread with 1.5 quart of water each day…

The point is that there are many ways to participate. Seek God and do your own research to find one that best suits you.
Pray. We will meet in the Sanctuary for prayer each day of the 21-Day Fast and Pray. Each prayer session will be led by one of our pastors.
Prayer times will be @ 6 P.M. SUN and WED and at 7 P.M. on MON - SAT .
The information provided reflects the experience, and understanding of Man O’ War Church and is not meant to substitute the advice provided by your healthcare professional.