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'By this shall all men know that you are my disciples; that you love one another.’

The moment you arrived at Man O War, you will see that everything has been put together with you and your family in mind. So, just relax. You are surrounded by some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. If this will be your first time to experience worship at Man O’ War, just sit back and enjoy. We will do nothing to single you out or embarrass you.

You'll find a comfortable atmosphere and friendly people everywhere to help you find your way around. You will always hear the best music from yesterday and today, participate in meaningful and anointed worship, and receive powerful, relevant messages from God's word.

But most importantly, you'll experience the presence of God.

We have exciting and growing teen, tween, and childrens’ ministries, inspiring teaching, a clean and well staffed nursery, a music program with room for you, and a whole lot more.

Our worship of God is jubilant and passionate. We demonstrate our love for Him by loving His people.

We are dedicated to constructing loving, caring relationships within families, between members, and throughout the communities that we serve. We are also engaged in showing mercy and compassion to the unloved, the undesirable and the unreached of our society.


When you enter the building you'll see greeters to shake your hand and welcome you to the church. To your left is the welcome center designed to answer any questions and to guide you or your child to their classroom or the sanctuary.

Should you ever have any questions, any member of our staff or any of our volunteers will be happy to help you! Also, if you have any questions about MOW Kids before attending a service, you can always contact any of the staff or pastors at or call us at 859-245-4145.


Visiting a church for the first time can be a bit daunting. But knowing what to expect can help. First, we want you to come as you are, we don’t judge anyone based on what they wear, the atmosphere is casual, reflective, and open to all. Man O War Church worship services typically begin with one of our classical ensembles; the brass trio, a vocal ensemble or one of our talented soloists or instrumentalists perform a hymn or original work. Then congregational worship is led by our choir and talented band members. We’ll sing and perform everything from a mix of contemporary music to hymns or medleys that incorporate many styles. Our music is important because it is the vehicle we use to direct our minds toward God and toward worship.  When worship ends Pastor Mitchell Tolle will speak an engaging message filled with God’s word to encourage and challenge us in our faith. It’s important to share that we do not pass around an offering plate during the service, but we encourage all God's people to  place their tithes and offerings in offering boxes located at the back of the sanctuary. After service, please feel free to join us at First Things Cafe to have a brief introduction on what we believe and what our church is all about.

Man O War Kids church is designed to engage your child in worshipping God. Each Sunday, in Sunday School at 10am your child will learn more about Jesus and his message to the world. Then, at 11am, they’re chaperoned into the main sanctuary service to sing, clap, and worship with the grownups in the adult service. The kids section even has their own worship leader!  Then, just before the sermon begins they will be led to Children's Church where they learn more about the Bible and how it relates to their lives.


If you’re looking to get more connected at Man O War, getting involved in ministry is the way to do it. And while it’s always scary to meet new people and be a stranger, we promise you won’t be a stranger for long.

We believe that church is more than a service. It’s people living life together and helping one another and serving in different ways throughout our city. Being in a ministry is like being in a small community where you can learn about God, pray, laugh, and live.

Do you have questions about Man O War Church? Looking to get connected or serve in ministry? This website is designed to easily help you find what you’re looking for and answer any questions you may have. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re just an email or phone call away.