Media Ministry


“Being a part of the media team has given me a group of friends who love the same things I do. I really feel plugged in.”

Leadership: Jeremy Stiffler


  • To ENGAGE people within the church walls to worship God and share their experiences through technology.
  • To DRAW church seekers through online mediums in conversation and (be an evangelist through technology).
  • To provide OPPORTUNITIES to volunteers in media and technology reaching every corner of the church and enabling volunteers to grow spiritually through fellowship and mentorship.

The media ministry at Man O War is an integral part of worship. Those visiting our church for the first time have only one first impression and the media team is a major part of what they experience during a weekly worship service. Not only do volunteers serve during Sunday service but our ministry extends outside our church walls through our website, podcasts, and radio and television broadcasts.

There are many opportunities for media team volunteers such as, working on sound, camera operation, video recording, audio recording, media projections, lighting, broadcasting, etc.  We are a small but growing group of men and women who are dedicated to the Lord through using media to draw in worshippers. Please, come join us!

If you have a gift for media or are familiar with computers, the Media Ministry may be just the place for you.  Please contact to get involved.