The Lost Sheep Capital Fundraising Campaign

Man 0' War Church is a vibrant, Spirit-filled, life-giving church in Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington is the beautiful and ever-expanding horse capital of the world - a youthful, intellectual and international city with diverse industry, a thriving economy and a rich, ripe harvest field.

Here in the Bluegrass, we labor together in the harvest. Man O' War Church is located minutes from Interstates 75 and 64 on one of the busiest streets in a city famous for its fast horses and lush fields of bluegrass. Man O' War Church has grown tenfold in the last decade and the rate of growth has accelerated dramatically in the past two years. Growth has brought challenge and opportunity. We believe it is now time to build.

Rescuring lost people is the first priority of Heaven and the first responsibility of the church. God sent His Son to save us. Jesus has sent us to save others.

Rescuing the perishing is at the heart of this Capital Campaign called The Lost Sheep Project. May you be swept away with renewed passion for the Great Commission as we enlarge our ability to save the lost and grow the saved. At Man O' War Church we do our best to encourage and fellowship, teach and equip, and love one another. However, we know what counts so, first of all, we rescue people. That's what we do.