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MJ Tolle - December 12, 2018

Fasting and Prayer, Part 2

Fasting and Prayer Series

We explore the thought of the effective fast. If we are going to put the effort in, the effort shouldn't be wasted. We shouldn't fast in vain. We want a fast first and foremost that honors God. We desire a fast that grows us, as individuals, as families, and as a church. We most definitely want a fast that moves God.

From Series: "Fasting and Prayer Series"

Prayer, when paired with fasting, has its full and perfect effect. In prayer, we grasp the Invisible while in fasting, we let go of the see-able.

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    The Beatitudes

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    In the very first sermon ever recorded as having been preached by Jesus Christ, as we enter into the gospels the first time we meet a sermon of our Lord, it is a sermon that begins with the constant ringing theme of happiness.

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    As I have reflected upon the great turbulence all around us, I have reached this conclusion: deep repentance and earnest prayer are our only hope.

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    “We don't need bigger churches or more Christian TV or more sophisticated religious methods! We need more Holy Ghost-baptized saints.” – David Wilkerson

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