Dance Team

“I love to express my love for the Lord through dance.  It’s just a better way for me to communicate how I feel than words.”

Leadership: Misty Tolle

Ages: 12-25

The Point Dance Team is a youth dance performance group that ministers at church events and also out in the greater Lexington community through dance.  The goal of The Point Dance Team is to draw people to Christ in a non-traditional form of worship.

As a youth director, my heart and passion is for the youth of this generation. For us at The Point, it’s not just about putting on a great presentation, but about seeing the relationships that are formed and grown as youth come together to lead others in this form of worship. The Point Dance Team performs with conviction and passion for the Lord they serve and have come to know personally.

Our dance team is a very diverse group. Boys and girls from 6th grade through college age join together to worship the Lord. The youth of The Point love being encouraged to not only build solid relationships but to work together to worship in a very unique style.

We perform in front of our congregation approximately every 8-12 weeks. We meet for rehearsals on select Sundays immediately following the morning worship service. If you have kids from the ages of 6th grade through college who love music and the art of dance, please get them plugged into The Point Dance Team. I would love to talk to you about getting your kids involved.

Interested in volunteering to help with the dance team or getting your child involved?  Contact